8 of the Best Coffee Shops in Manchester

Flat White at West Corner NQ

My Favourite Coffee Spots in Manchester

It’s no secret that I love coffee and it’s really refreshing to see more and more independent coffee shops popping up in Manchester. As much as I’m guilty of grabbing a Costa when it’s easy & convenient, I always try to buy my caffeine fix from independent coffee shops whenever I can. The baristas are always so much more passionate about what they do and they often invest in fresher & more ethical coffee beans too.

I always judge the greatness of a coffee shop by how good their flat white tastes without sugar, so here are a few of my favourite finds in Manchester that are smashing the coffee game. And they’re also all really Instagrammable too, which is obviously just as important! Just kidding… kind of.


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Pot Kettle Black

This place has a really special place in my heart. Ok, that sounds a little bit over the top, but Pot Kettle Black (PKB for short) is easily my favourite coffee place in Manchester. It’s located in the stunning Barton Arcade and was founded by Rugby League players,┬áJon Wilkin and Mark Flanagan. It’s inspired by the Australian coffee shop scene and they also serve a super tasty brunch menu.

This was the first place I visited religiously every morning for a flat white and they convinced me to ditch the spoonful of sugar too. In the summer they whip up a really great cold brew coffee too!

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Evelyn’s Cafe Bar

I’ve blogged about Evelyn’s a couple of times on here before and I can confirm that their coffee is just as great as their food. Usually restaurants don’t seem to care too much about getting their coffee right, which is why I was so surprised when I had a coffee here (both with brunch and after dinner).

As well as your usual flat whites and americanos, they also serve up a Vanilla & Cacao Nib Mocha, Spiced Chai and some beautiful blends of tea.

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Foundation Coffee House

I was first introduced to Foundation when I attended an event there a couple of years ago with Thermos and the guys showed us some cool ways to brew coffee. It’s actually what led us to buy a V60 coffee filter, which we use for our morning coffees.

Anyway, the baristas here are super clued up on different brewing techniques and always craft a tasty coffee. The menu is quite extensive and they even serve the infamous bulletproof coffee (coffee with coconut oil!), which makes it a coffee lovers paradise. Plus this coffee shop bucks the trend of small & cosy and instead it’s a light, airy & spacious set up.

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North Tea Power

This little gem was actually one of the very first coffee shops I visited in Manchester. Mat & I had heard good things about it and we went in to grab a double espresso, back when we were mad for straight up coffee! Although this is North Tea Power, they take their coffee as seriously as their tea and I’ve never had a bad cup here.

It’s got a really cosy and friendly vibe and it feels kind of nestled away from the hustle & bustle of the Northern Quarter. You could easily grab a coffee and a book and spend the whole afternoon here.

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Ezra & Gil

I’d heard a lot of great things about Ezra & Gil from some fellow brunch lovers, so had to add it to my coffee shop hit list. I wasn’t disappointed. The food menu is what brings most people here and their Instagram feed proves that, but the coffee is a 10/10 too.

It’s a hit with freelancers and side hustlers and has a real open but cosy feel to it, with big, collaborative tables and benches at the windows for people-spotting. Get your caffeine fix with a side of avo toast and a slab of cake.

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Fig + Sparrow

Another spot that has a special place in my heart. Fig + Sparrow were a breath of fresh air in the Northern Quarter when they arrived with speciality coffee and lifestyle goodies from fellow independents. It’s hard to go in here and not Instagram the interiors/want to buy everything on display.

The coffee has always been outstanding and I would often nip in and buy a bag of coffee beans for home whilst getting my flat white fix. It helps that they use Climpson & Sons coffee beans too, one of my fave roasters!

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Porter + Cole

These guys are pretty new on the coffee shop scene, but seem to have fit in like they’ve always been a part of it. Named after the resident doggies, Porter and Cole (obviously), this place has the added bonus of being dog-friendly. The only thing better than people-watching is pup-watching.

The coffee is obviously great too and served up in design-led cups with golden cutlery. Very swanky. Plus you can buy most of the decor, as it also has a design/lifestyle shop attached. I may or may not have bought four of the cups.

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Federal Cafe & Bar

Last but definitely not least, it’s Federal. It’s the New Zealand/Aussie-inspired brunch spot that everyone raves about. To be fair, it’s the first place I recommend to anyone visiting Manchester. Their brunch menu is unlike anything I’ve seen before and never disappoints.

At the heart of it though, is the coffee. As well as the usual flat whites and espressos, they also do a mean Matcha Green Tea Latte and even a Turmeric Latte. Not sure that one is for me, but good to see them trying some new (& healthy!) drinks on the menu.

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Hope you loved this post & found a new spot you haven’t tried yet! If you have any faves not on the list, let me know so I can check them out.



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