West Corner, Manchester

Burrito De Pollo at West Corner, Manchester

Brunchin’ in West Corner

I told you I’d be back with a food post, didn’t I? The heart wants what the heart wants. As soon as I came back from my holiday to Spain, I just had to get back on the food blogging hype.

My list of new places to eat in Manchester is getting bigger and bigger by the day/hour/minute/second, but one place that was high on the list was West Corner, a deli-diner right in the heart of the Northern Quarter.

I’d heard great things about it, but it’s also one of those places that you would walk by and end up in anyway. From the outside, it looks like the ideal spot for some Sunday brunch.

West Corner, Northern Quarter, Manchester
Bar at West Corner Northern Quarter

The Vibe

I always seem to call this little opening section ‘The Interiors’, but the more I write about restaurants, the more I realise it’s about so much more than just the decor. ~The Vibe~ is what you guys really want to know about, right?

Well, West Corner is exactly what I expected it to be, in a good way. The staff were attentive and perky and the customers were a real mixed bag. Young couples (possibly slightly hungover from the night before), groups of friends and even families. Nobody looked out of place because it wasn’t achingly hipster, it was just real chill.

They have big cosy leather booths too. Always a winner in my eyes.

Flat White at West Corner NQ
Bellini at West Corner NQ

The Drinks

Mat went for the classic brunch drink – the flat white (£2.60). Actually no, scrap that. I went for the classic brunch drink – the mimosa (£8.00) – and Mat went for a flat white.

The drinks here are clearly catered to brunch lovers, as there’s not one type of bloody Mary, but four. So if that’s your thing, I’m pretty sure you’ll rate this place. I wanted a bit of fizz with my brunch, so the mimosa really hit the spot and Mat’s flat white looked & tasted great too.

Conquistador - Brunch at West Corner NQ
Conquistador salad at West Corner NQ
Burrito De Pollo at West Corner NQ
Slaw and Burrito at West Corner, Manchester

The Food

And finally, here’s the good stuff. There’s so much to choose from on the menu, including a killer hot sandwich selection and some genuinely tasty-sounding salads (rarely seen on this blog, sorrynotsorry).

Mat opted for a salad called the Conquistador (£9.50). I was fully ready to laugh at his choice when it came, but sadly it looked absolutely amazing. Made up of fried chicken, manchego, tortilla crisps, piquillo peppers, spiced chickpea, avocado, sour cream and chimichurri. Basically this was the salad of dreams and 100% not diet-friendly, which is how I like my salads. I was fully jealous and he loved it (the salad… but probably also the jealousy too).

I’m now looking through the menu and wondering why I didn’t get this and that and a little bit of those, but in the end, I made a good choice. I had the Burrito de Pollo (£8.50), which was all kinds of beautiful. The beauty was in its simplicity though, with flavoursome fried chicken, zesty salsa and something called “manchego humita”. All dipped in my little pot of sour cream.

All in all, it was a tasty brunch. Not the cheapest, but nothing out of the ordinary for the Northern Quarter and probably still cheaper than whatever the London equivalent is. We loved the vibe of the place, it was effortlessly cool with no extravagant or distracting details. Which, lets face it, is what you want when you’re hungover on a Sunday.

Go check out the menu here.

Have you visited West Corner yet? Where should I visit next for brunch/lunch/dinner/cake?


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