Vlogging & Overcoming The Fear

Perfection Ruins Everything

I read a book not too long ago and it really stopped me in my tracks. One particular part really resonated with me and this quote the writer included by Rebecca Solnit sums it up so well:

“So many of us believe in perfection, which ruins everything else, because the perfect is not only the enemy of the good, it’s also the enemy of the realistic, the possible, and the fun.”

It’s always been an issue of mine, in that I get stuck in the mindset of thinking that if it isn’t perfect, why put it out there? We all must think like that from time to time, especially in the age of Instagram and perfectly curated feeds. For me though, I felt like this attitude was beginning to hold me back.

I’ve wanted to push my video editing skills further and produce more video content for a while now, but the more I absorbed myself in thinking about doing it, the more I heard “I can’t” in my own head. Well, until I started watching weekly vlogs as part of my morning routine.

In the same way I got into blogging, watching everyone’s edited (but still very raw) weekly vlogs really made me think it was possible. So I did it, I gave it a go. It’s not the most polished and slick vlog and my editing skills still need improvement, but it’s DONE! It’s live. So grab a brew, a snack or two and go and give it a watch.

Oh and the book is Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert. If you’re creative and a perfectionist, read it. If you’re always thinking or telling people that you’re “not creative”, definitely read it.

Make sure to check out my channel for more videos and let me know in the comments below if you have/know a YouTube channel I should be watching!


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