The Flip It Challenge


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Great Brits: Game On!

After an absolutely incredible week of medal wins for Team GB at the Olympics, I’ve been feeling extra inspired by all things Olympics.

I’m sure Mat can confirm, much to his annoyance at times, that I’m fully immersed in sports all of sudden. Especially the ones where I don’t quite understand the rules (hello, omnium) but still end up roaring at the TV whenever Team GB is kicking ass and taking names.

Laura Trott’s unstoppable gold medal streak has single-handedly made me want to dust off my old bike and sprint to my own version of gold medal olympic glory: getting to work on time.

As the official homeware partner of the Olympics, DFS have also been joining in on the olympic fun by hosting a daily video series over on their Youtube channel called Great Brits: Game On.

To show that olympic athletes definitely aren’t all work and no play, they’ve been challenging them to some fun games like the super competitive Flip It game.


How To Flip It

1. Grab yourself a stack of coasters – definitely nothing fragile or too thick, the beer mat ones are perfect!

2. Position your coaster(s) on the edge of a flat surface with your fingers under the half of the coaster that hangs over

3. Flick the coaster(s) up with one swift movement, letting it flip at least 180 degrees

4. Catch it if you can…

5. Try again with more and more coasters!


Mat vs Sarah

Our coasters were a little too thick for flipping (any excuse!), so I barely even managed to flip one but somehow Mat managed to flip two of them at the same time! Olympian in the making, clearly.

I’m already making plans to challenge him in the pub at the weekend because I can’t stand to lose to him. He might have won Rio 2016 but I’ll be back for Tokyo 2020…

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