Our House: We’re Finally In!


Time For Tea

Oh man, it feels good to finally write this blog post.

If you’ve been following me on Snapchat or over on Twitter, you’ve probably also followed me along on my journey from bare brick building site to fully renovated home.

We laugh about it all now, but it’s been quite a stressful time, particularly when certain things are out of your hands and you’ve also got to concentrate on kicking ass in your 9-5. Thankfully, I’ve had amazingly supportive family & friends to get me through to this stage (major #SquadGoals).

It’s by no means finished and I’m sure it won’t feel quite finished for a long while. Although, now the walls are painted (as a base, anyway), the carpets are in and the level of furniture is slowly building up, we can finally start to decorate and really make it our own.

I have so many photos to share of the progress, so hopefully I can share a room by room reveal on here of how we’ve put our own stamp on each room. The bathroom and kitchen are definitely first up on my list of rooms to reveal! Trust me, they’re pretty beautiful.

I know a house renovation is something a lot of young people look to do, especially when hopping onto the property ladder for the first time, so let me know if there’s any part of the process that you’d like me to cover on here. I’m more than happy to help share any do’s and don’t’s!

Anyway, for now, I just wanted to update you all and say “welcome to my new home”.

I’ll put the kettle on.



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