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Introducing TGI Fridays’ New Menu

You might remember last year when I went on a blind date with a burger. Yeah, that’s right, a burger. What a match made in heaven for me! Well, the lovely folks at TGI Fridays decided that this time I was ready to meet my match, with their new menu.

With all the amazing new restaurants opening in Manchester at the moment, TGI Fridays can be a bit of a forgotten favourite, even though I curse myself for not visiting sooner every time I sit down for a meal there.

They’re routinely voted as one of the best places to work in the UK and it’s easy to see why. The staff are full of energy and passion, laughing and joking and giving great recommendations. Our waitress for the evening even managed to suggest the exact cocktail for me that I’d been eyeing up on the menu.

Anyway, Mat & I were invited down to try out their new menu, sample a few cocktails and basically have a good time at their Manchester Royal Exchange branch. Who could say no to that?


Before we headed over to eye up the tasty new menu additions, cleverly presented in museum-style glass cases, we headed to the bar. At the Manchester Royal Exchange branch, it’s plonked right in the middle of everything, as cocktails are something the guys at TGI Fridays really excel in.

After spotting us failing to make any decisions on which cocktails we’d both like, the bartender grabbed our menus and chucked them on the floor.

Literally. That happened.

He asked me what spirits I liked and got me behind the bar making my very own Caipirinha. It’s my absolute favourite cocktail, a short drink made with cachaça, sugar and lime, and it was great to be able to whip one up for myself. It tasted pretty damn good too.


The Appetisers

With a lot of ‘dirty food’ on the menu, I was really pleased to see that one of the new appetisers was a Smoked Tomato Bruschetta dish (£5.99). Crispy ciabatta bread, loaded up with tomatoes marinated in smoked oil with garlic, basil and chunks of creamy Mozzarella. Heaven. I felt bad for wolfing it all down when I realised I still had to eat my huge main dish!

Although this one is ‘to share’ for 2-3 people, Mat went for the Jack Daniel’s Bucket of Bones (£13.99) because we were both super keen to try them out. It comes as a huge dish full of slow cooked pork ribs and chicken wings coated in a Jack Daniel’s glaze. The ribs and wings were so succulent and tasty that we had to drag ourselves away from them, trying not to fill up before our mains. Highly recommend them!

Other new additions include Double Layered Nachos (starting from £9.49 between 2 people) and Jack Daniel’s Pork Belly (£6.99). The pork belly look incredible, definitely one for us to try next time we visit.


The Mains

At this point we were pretty stuffed, possibly due to wolfing down way too many starters for two people, but we were determined to give the mains a go. As per usual, we argued over who got to eat what because we always end up wanting the same dish.

The real challenge added to the menu is their new Warrior burger (£14.99). I saw people attempting it and they didn’t seem to be doing too well; it’s definitely one for those with big appetites! Two 7oz burgers piled high with Mozzarella dippers, crispy bacon, two types of cheese, caramelized onions and their own special TGI Fridays mayo, served up with onion rings. A proper beast.

Although the Roasted Veg Crispy Tostada Stack (£10.49) looked amazing, I ended up choosing the gluttonous Chicken Finger Waffle BLT (£11.49). Crispy chicken tenders, bacon, cheese, tomato and rocket sandwiched between two sweet waffles. It was a bit too crazy for me, I think I’d prefer a classic brioche bun over waffles any day!

Completely new to the menu are hot dogs. Mat went for the Jack Daniel’s Chili Dog, a grilled pork hot dog, loaded up with chilies, beef chili, onions, cheese and mustard in a brioche bun. It was exactly as you’d expect of a chili dog, dirty and delicious! A great addition to the menu.

Find your local TGI Fridays and check out the new menu additions here.

Our meal & drinks were complimentary of TGI Fridays, but as always, all thoughts & opinions are my very own.

Have you visited TGI Fridays to try out the new menu recently?



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