Let’s Get Pretty Muddy


Preparing for a muddy 5K

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I’M RUNNING THE RACE FOR LIFE AGAIN THIS YEAR!! Seriously, you guys, I’m so excited about it. Last year I ran my first 5K at their event in Heaton Park and loved the day so much more than I expected.

You see, before I had a proper go at it, I actually really hated running. It brought back memories of P.E lessons where they’d make us run around the muddy football pitch in the pouring rain. Not to mention forever getting a stitch after a three second sprint. I basically wrote it off as ‘not for me’ until my first Race for Life, where I realised how much fun you can have when you’re all united for this amazing cause.

If you didn’t know, Race for Life is run by the lovely folks at Cancer Research UK, who do some truly life-changing work for cancer patients, their families and of course the research that helps us grow closer to a cure. All funds raised from the Race for Life events will go towards kicking cancer’s ass, which is always a worthy cause.



Vest top + leggings* – Matalan

Trainers* – Adidas


Train, train, train

To prepare for Pretty Muddy, a 5k Race for Life with added obstacles and mud, I’ve been upping my fitness game a little. That means not only runs, but also working on my strength for any tricky obstacles that I might have to face. Although, on my first session at the gym after a few weeks break, I managed to do a few too many weighted squats and could barely walk… so y’know, don’t go too hard if you’re training too! No amount of protein made that leg pain any less bearable…

My best pre-workout tip? Drink an espresso/black coffee before you head to the gym. It will boost your metabolism and help burn fat more quickly, make you last longer on the treadmill and decrease muscle pain. Amazing, huh?

If you fancy signing up to your local Race for Life event, you can sign up here and the first 20 readers to sign up using my discount code RFLseq will get £2 off their entry fee.

Gym Chic

Obviously more time at the gym also means you absolutely need to get more gym clothing, right? Yeah, I thought so too. I’ve picked up a few bits to add to my limited gym wardrobe, but by far my favourite additions have been the two pieces above, which are from Matalan’s activewear range. Yep, Matalan do activewear!

The range is perfect for yoga, the gym, running, or even a chilled Sunday around the house because it’s all pretty damn comfy. I picked up these grey capri leggings and a brush print grey & pink vest top (crop top version here), which make a very Race for Life appropriate outfit. All pink everything.

Are you running any races this year? I’d love your support, any small donations to my JustGiving page are hugely appreciated!

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