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Welcome to the brand new Sequin This!

After a few days of the blog being offline, I’m finally back! It honestly gave me a little bit of a panic attack everyday knowing that my blog was down, even if I knew it was only temporarily. After nearly five years of blogging, I sometimes forget just how much this little space on the internet means to me.

I decided it was time to make the move from Blogger to a self-hosted WordPress site, which hopefully means a more seamless blog reading experience for you and a bit more peace of mind for myself.

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You can now subscribe to my weekly newsletter too, by popping your email address into the form on the sidebar on the right. Perfect if you’re a busy sort of gal that likes to catch up on new blog posts in one go. It’ll pop into your inbox once a week on a Sunday with my latest posts and some nice little extras too.

Also, if you have any types of blog posts that you love seeing on here or want to see more of, do let me know via email or in the comment section below. I appreciate any feedback at all and I want you to love Sequin This just as much as I do.

Who designed it?

For the new design, I went with Pipdig again, as I absolutely loved my last one on Blogger. They have some lovely templates on both Blogger and WordPress and also offer semi-custom and custom designs too. Phil knows his stuff and has been very helpful in the move over, so I’d 100% recommend buying from Pipdig if you’re looking for a blog refresh or thinking of setting up a new blog.

Oh and a BIG shoutout to all of my friends and followers that expressed great concern about my blog being down, even just for a few days. I’m SO bloody grateful for your support, even if some of you demanded I get it back online immediately (hi, Caroline!). I hope it was worth the wait!


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