5 Happy Things #3


5 Happy Things

It’s looking a little miserable outside today, so I thought I’d put together another ‘5 Happy Things’ to perk myself up a bit. So grab a brew, have a read and let me know in the comments what’s been making you feel happy this month too.


1. A cute Valentine’s Day with Mat. I came home to the most beautiful bouquet of flowers from Mat. Tulips and baby’s breath are my absolute faves and roses because y’know, it was Valentine’s Day. It also contained the cutest wooden spoon carved with our (saucy) initials from Not On The High Street!

2. A clean bill of health for my 18 year old(!!!) cat Wispa. Yesterday she went for a check up at the vets and although her eyesight is failing and she may have early signs of dementia, she’s otherwise very healthy for her age. You go gurl!

3. Drinking fresh coffee in the morning. For Christmas, Mat (being very spoilt) got this amazing espresso coffee machine which has basically meant a fresh cortado every morning before work. He’s become a bit of a coffee geek as a result, so hopefully I can share with you his tried & tested methods soon.

4. Spending weekends lounging around in a fluffy dressing gown. I haven’t owned one in a really long time, so I ended up treating myself to this taupe one from M&S. It’s such a dream to put on after a shower and such a nightmare to tear off when I eventually have to leave the house, sigh.

5. Finishing the fourth (well technically fifth) book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. I’m trying to get myself up to date for 10th April, when the Game of Thrones TV series kicks off again, but my god, these books are long. Each book is like two regular sized novels! Highly recommend everyone to read them though, they’re full of such interesting, intertwined storylines.


What has been making you happy this month?

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