The Christmas Cottage

Before I coached off to the Alps last week, I spent a weekend in Wales with my bestie Ros (or Rosaleen if we’re being all proper and stuff) at a cottage in Tregaron, near Aberystwyth. A big group of us hired out a cottage for a Christmasy weekend of food, so much food, drinks and festive fun. It was a big effort getting there, especially with our poor navigational skills, but once we did it was so worth it!
We drank heaps of mulled wine, went on a country walk to attempt to pet the horses, visited Aberystwyth, ate fish & chips, played on the penny arcades, wore Christmas jumpers (mine was a mens one from George @ Asda), played darts and pool and got super giddy. A perfect weekend really!
Have you ever been to Aberystwyth? Can you pronounce it? (we totally couldn’t…)

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