Get The Look: Mulberry Alexa

Unless you’ve been living sans internet, magazines, TV and friends for the past year, then you’ll have heard of Mulberry’s is-it-to-early-to-be-a-classic Alexa bag. Many have described it as the perfect satchel, and us bloggers have been going crazy for it. Some even visiting Mulberry stores just to be in its mere presence (who me? no, never!). As InStyle put it, it’s “nerdy chic at its best”.

It has been seen on the arms of some of our favourite stars, including Olivia Palermo, Agyness Dean, Fearne Cotton, Katie Holmes and of course, the bag’s namesake, Alexa Chung. I think Alexa has enough Alexa bags to supply us all!

Obviously we’d all love our own but can’t quite afford £695, or £795 for the oversized version. Never fear, I have found a selection of beautiful satchel bags for a fraction of the price. Now I do love designer, but realistically, it’s not something I can afford. So the high street is a saviour for finding trends such as these.

  1. Topshop £50. This is one of my favourites of the bags I found. It’s made from real leather and comes in a perfect shade of tan. They also stock the same bag in black too. It’s quite a good price for a real leather bag and looks just the right size for lugging around my notepads and books when I go to university.
  2. ASOS £70. The most expensive of these bags, but definitely one of the most beautiful. Although it does come in black, tan and cobalt blue, which does slightly make up for the price!
  3. Topshop £50. I adore this bag. It has two colours of leather, cream and black, which makes it stand out that little bit more than the other satchels. A very chic affair, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more bags with a similar look.
  4. Next £30. Originally I had this as a leather satchel from Next, but it was sold out and was quite expensive at £90. Then I found this non-leather version for a third of the price, which actually looks much better in the product photos than the leather one. This bag looks very similar to the Alexa bag, so pick one up whilst they’re still in stock!
  5. ASOS £28. Another non-leather bag, with a purse-friendly price tag. Quite a simple looking bag, but still with the top handle detail, this bag seems as though it could fit in everything (possibly even my MacBook, which is always a bonus).
  6. New Look £25. The cheapest of them all, this bag doesn’t lack in design and beauty. It still has the top-handle, extra long strap and cute buckle strap details. £25 for such an on-trend bag, what a bargain!
This is just a small selection of satchel bags the high street has to offer. Pick them up while you can though, because beautiful bags don’t stay in stock for long! 
In other, unrelated news… I finally have a magazine subscription! To Marie Claire, of course. It was only £15 for the year (12 issues) which works out a lot cheaper than paying £3ish every issue. And I get it delivered to my door, how convenient 🙂
Also, outfit post should be up here tomorrow! I know everyone loves a good outfit post. If there’s anything else you’d like to see on my blog, just let me know. Either in the comments or you can email me at or ask a question anonymously on Formspring here.

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