You Know You Love Me

Gossip Girl will soon be back on our screens! Well, American screens sooner than UK screens no doubt. But I’m super excited nonetheless! I used to read the books before they made the TV series and it has definitely lived up to my expectations. More scandal and glamour than the books actually.

I’ve been looking over all the photos from the set, where they are currently filming, and I think they’ve stepped it up a notch with the styling this season. I love Blair’s looks particularly, the girl is stunning.

Even with a huge umbrella, she’s still working a gorgeous look. A very prim and proper Blair Waldorf outfit! 

I love this Oscar de la Renta dress she’s wearing, although I think the flip flops are just to save her from sore feet between takes! 

It’s Chuck Bass (swoooooon!) and he’s with, well, someone who isn’t Blair. You might recognize Clemence Posey from the Harry Potter films, she plays Fleur Delacour. Apparently Chuck meets this lovely French lady in Paris and she follows him back to NY. 
Chuck’s well tailored suits are just faultless really, and he’s even rocking a cane! Clemence looks every bit Parisienne chic and she is definitely making me want to wear pinks and nudes.

Serena’s two looks are incredibly striking, one obviously more wearable than the other! Her Jenny Packham dress is a show-stopper, in true Serena style. Whereas her more dressed down outfit of a gold blazer, white vest, cobalt blue cropped trousers and studded heels is… well, still show-stopping in its own right actually. The girl is turning heads whatever she wears!

Vanessa’s outfit shouldn’t work but it just does. She can make anything look stunning, even such clashing prints. I have slight hair envy with Vanessa.
Lily’s gorgeous silky purple gown with gold accessories makes it clear she’s just as stylish as her daughter. She looks so regal, I love it!
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