Blogger Spotlight: Louder Than Silence

I thought I’d kick off my Blogger Spotlight feature with something a little bit different. Louder Than Silence is a blog written by a lovely couple called Sally and Ross, who are both very passionate about all things creative, including photography, writing, design and fashion. They document each other’s style, what they did that day, gigs they’ve been to, what they’re both loving at the moment and lots of other stuff. I especially like their ‘He Said She Said’ posts, where they both put in their two cents (or pennies? haha) about a joint experience. They’ve also added a new feature called ‘This week we’ve been mostly…’ which is a good read!

You can tell they’re a couple that are very much in love and enjoy each other’s company, so I wanted to know a little bit more about the couple behind the blog. Here’s my interview with Sally and Ross of Louder Than Silence, enjoy!

Hi Sally and Ross! Can you describe your blog to those who haven’t read it before?
Hi Sarah! Of course we can. A London based lifestyle blog, Louder Than Silence is a collaboration between the two of us and focuses on things that we love, except sometimes we don’t agree so it ends up being about something one of us loves, and the other, well, doesn’t. Most of our posts focus on fashion, design, food, culture, music – or a combination of all five!

Why did you decide to start a blog together rather than separately?
Good question! And the answer is for two reasons. One, because we are pretty much attached at the hip; and two, because we wanted to start something original and stand out from the hundreds of amazing blogs that are already established by centring our blog around a girl/boy perspective.

Do you influence each other’s style at all?
Probably in a subtle way but we’ve dressed like this for years, even before we met almost two years ago. Sally’s always had a thing for boys in skinny jeans and pointy shoes, and Ross loves vintage style girls in brogues so this was always going to be a match made in sartorial heaven!

Any tips on how to maintain a happy relationship?
Well by no means are we perfect and our relationship is quite different to many of our friends’, but what works for us is being honest with each other and trying not to take things too seriously. We’re very lucky in that we have similar interests so we’re always out and about on fun little dates; whether it be a mooch around Spitalfields market, visiting an exhibition at the Saatchi gallery or catching a little gig in Camden. Living with your partner (gosh that makes us sound old!) can be difficult sometimes so we try to give each other as much space as possible – but we do argue, we think it would be weird not to, don’t you?

Which blogs do you read?
Sally: I read hundreds of blogs and I love discovering new ones – there are so many talented people in this so called blogosphere! Particular favourites include Wish Wish Wish, Lulu Letty and Liebe Marlene. I’m also fond of Bakerella to ogle at/be inspired by all of her amazing creations!
Ross: I’m a big fan of photography blogs, especially Viktor Vauthier’s , his photography approach and execution style is similar to that of Terry Richardson who I’m also big fan of. Viktor can be quite explicit with his subjects – his photos always feel honest and raw and I like that. A lot.

What can we look forward to in future posts on Louder Than Silence?
Well, since we only started blogging in August (!!!) we feel like we’re still finding our feet and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. We introduced our first weekly feature last week, ‘This week we have been mostly…’ which seemed to go down well with readers so we’re thinking of introducing other regular features. In fact, we may even start something similar to this Sarah 😉

A big thanks to Sally and Ross for letting me interview them! Make sure you check out their blog Louder Than Silence and you can also follow them on Twitter.